Vandana Villa Alibaug - About Us

Beginning - 2017

Constructed in early 2017, Vandana Villa Alibaug was named after my grandmother, Late Smt. Vandana Vijayanand Kolge.

Initially it served as a personal villa for our family. We thoroughly enjoyed our visits to Alibaug and created lots of lovely memories at the Revdanda Fort and Revdanda & Nagaon Beaches.

As life went on, we got busier with our lives in the city. The frequency of our visits to Alibaug mellowed down. So in the latter half of 2019, my father decided to open the villa for tourists in Alibaug to create new memories with their loved ones!

But that was short lived due to the Covid-19 Pandemic in March 2020 

Now that the pandemic has settled down, We have started commercially renting the villa to tourists once again since December 2021 (With safety measures), and we hope to host you & your family soon!